asana is only the beginning...

group and personal hatha yoga instruction
What is hatha yoga?
...a practice that includes, but is not limited to, 
the physical postures many recognize as yoga. 
Thousands of years old hatha yoga was 
traditionally passed from guru (teacher) to student.

west end yoga ~ we follow that style emphasizing student centered learning.

we believe 
every-body can practice yoga and strive to meet you where you are.

we classes 
allow the beginner to gain confidence, 
and the practiced to find something new, 
with a focus on breath awareness and posture, 
creating a meditation in motion.

When practiced regularly, yoga offers many benefits including:
stress & pain relief, increased strength & flexibility, and better breathing.

due to social distancing we are not currently offering in person hatha yoga

personal yoga by Zoom

A personal Zoom yoga session allows you to come to class without leaving your home.

60-minute class:

single Zoom session $60 | 5 sessions $275 | 10 sessions $500

Jai Kirtan the devotional practice of bhakti yoga

What is Kirtan?

   ...a practice that includes call and response chanting of Sanskrit mantras or phrases.  Through music and sound we celebrate the divine that connects us all. Wallah, kirtan leaders, and audience become one as mantras are chanted ~ our voices becoming ONE.

Jai Kirtan is Joel & Kerri; a father/daughter pair sharing the love of music and devotional chant in St Petersburg and around the world.

Please share your voice with us on the third Sunday of every month 6:30-7:30 pm at

Sacred Lands Preservation & Education Center
1700 Park St N | St Petersburg, Florida

I discovered hatha yoga more than 20 years ago. 
As a young wife, mother, and college student, it brought me home to my body.

In 2006, I studied with Joan Thirion at Awareness Works in Tafton, PA; completing a Kripalu inspired 200-hour teacher training program recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

For more than 16 years and over 1,750 hours of student contact, I have shared yoga through a variety of classes, workshops, and personal instruction; meeting individuals where they are and encouraging self-awareness both on and off the mat.

connect with Kerri 

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