group & personal hatha yoga instruction
What is hatha yoga?
...a practice that includes, but is not limited to, the physical postures many recognize as yoga. Thousands of years old hatha yoga was traditionally passed from guru (teacher) to student.

west end yoga ~ we follow that style emphasizing student centered learning.

we believe every-body can practice yoga and strive to meet you where you are, encouraging you to do the same.

we classes allow the beginner to gain confidence, and the practiced to find something new, with a focus on breath awareness and posture, creating a meditation in motion.

When practiced regularly, yoga offers many benefits including stress & pain relief, increased strength & flexibility, and better breathing.

we are available for personal yoga, yoga parties, and on-site office or group classes.

Ongoing hatha yoga classes

yoga essentials
Gain core strength and flexibility as you explore basic yoga postures, alignment, and breath awareness. open to all

Monday 6:15-7:30 pm 
a slow flow to wind down the evening...
Azalea Recreation Center
1600 72nd St N | St Petersburg

This class begins Monday, February 3rd at 6:15pm

Thursday 3:30-4:30 pm
Azalea Recreation Center
1600 72nd St N | St Petersburg

Recreation center rates in effect: a mere $30 for a month of Mondays OR Thursdays 

OR $9 to drop in when you can

private yoga
an affordable practice that meets you where you are
Private, or personal yoga offers one-one attention; allowing you to practice what makes sense for your body, your goals or interests, at your pace, and your convenience. Personal yoga is for students of all levels; beginner to advanced.

A personal yoga session at west end or in your home includes an initial 15-minute consultation and a 60-minute private yoga class for $60. 
Additional 60-minute sessions are $45 each.

personal yoga by Skype
A personal Skype yoga session allows you to come to class without leaving your home.

60-minute class:
single Skype session $45 | 5 sessions $200 | 10 sessions $350

share yoga
a yoga party is perfect for a shower or ladies night in!
A two-hour class in your home:
$20 per person | min 3 people

host a small group in your office
A 60-minute class in your office or workplace:
$10 per person | min 5 people
$5 per person | min 10 people

connect with Kerri & we yoga:

610.762.0158 |